Reports of sexual assaults by children on other children are rising, according to police figures seen by BBC Panorama. But those reported cases are only the "tip of the iceberg", according to one police child abuse expert.

The number of reported sexual offences by under-18s against other under-18s in England and Wales rose by 71% from 4,603 from 2013-14 to 7,866 from 2016-17, according to figures from a Freedom of Information request (BBC Panorama 9th October '17).

Consent is more than not saying, ‘No’. Informed consent is vital to everyone within our society as is choice. Clarity One is an innovative company created to address growing evidence of reported serious sexual crime and the impact it has on the individuals affected.

Our one- day courses are informative and designed to improve self -confidence and assertiveness whilst giving awareness of criminal law relevant to both victims and those accused of serious sexual crime.

Sexual crimes continue to be on the increase and affect all spectrums of society regardless of social status. Many cases remain unreported. However, Clarity One UK aims to prevent such incidents through awareness for both males and females of what true consent actually means.

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Primary Education


Clarity One UK Primary children provides specifically designed, lively and educational courses for children in Key stage 2. The purpose of the courses are to secure key building blocks for adult life skills in respect of healthy relationships and wellbeing. We encourage children to make informed decisions based on equipping them with skills and knowledge such as assertiveness, self-confidence and acting with development when they feel something is wrong.

Clarity One UK Primary is delighted that relationship education is now compulsory in all primary schools in England. This provides us with an exciting opportunity to make a positive difference in enabling children with attributes that will help them become successful and balanced adults making a meaningful contribution to a happier society.

Teaching on wellbeing is paramount and a wonderful opportunity to help our children flourish. Principles of wellbeing should be encouraged and traits of kindness, consideration and respect re-enforced. Clarity One UK reiterates through interactive methods the importance of honesty, truthfulness and knowing how to deal with a situation or set of circumstances when your gut feels it is wrong. In order to implement positive changes with longevity, we must learn them. This will require more than just listening about how to behave. Right brain requires actual doing in order to cement life changing positive qualities. By implementing practices with understanding concerning positive emotional and mental wellbeing, we can begin to make a difference for the better.

Clarity One UK will help protect children by focussing on boundaries. Children will learn what is acceptable and what is not. We can learn this through introducing exercises promoting the importance of taking turns, happy friendships and how it feels when people are unkind. It is essential to develop in a calm but assertive way how to deal with boundaries and personal beliefs that have been compromised. We acknowledge and accept that there is a normal range of emotions (happiness, sadness, nervousness, fear, anger, surprise) and all humans will react dependant on their different experiences. We learn how to communicate effectively when complex situations arise and Clarity One UK is committed to teaching children how to appropriately and proportionately recognise unhealthy situations and deal with them.

Crime prevention can grow. Root principles can be adopted to aid in prevention of serious crime. Tackling issues such as consent, exampled in basic terms, can illustrate clear understanding and resolution for any complex situations that arise in the future.


The initiative and inspiration to set up this company evolved as a result of twenty years police detective experience working in CID (Criminal Investigation Department) in the North West of the UK. The course content is adapted from real incidents of a detective who served in a specialised rape unit.

It is reported that police departments dealing with serious sexual offences are the busiest units within most major police forces impacting heavily on the lives of the victims, suspects and their families. There is a huge demand on community services such as the police, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and Crown Courts in coping with this increasing crime.

Statistically, 'stranger rapes', where the victim is unknown to the offender, are rare. It is far more likely that individuals affected by the crime will know the perpetrator. Victims of such crime are, in the main, 'vulnerable' or 'young adults'.

Rape offences are not socially classed and affect all domains of society. Predominantly, a high percentage of victims are female. Although males can also be victim of the offence, they are always the suspects.

With 'young adults' and 'vulnerable' individuals being a main part of all rape and serious sexual offences, the impact within schools, universities and educational establishments can be huge. The police process for such crimes are intrusive, demanding and life changing for both victims and suspects.

Rape and serious sexual offences are one of the most horrific and destructive crimes. The penalty at court for rape can be life imprisonment, the same sentence as that for murder. Many rape crimes may have been prevented had the individuals involved been given more of an awareness of how easily a rape can occur when true consent has not been given. For instance, a potentially innocent male can be arrested for a crime he wasn't aware of committing. Our aim is to give clarity to everyone.

The purpose of Clarity One courses are to improve society and make the world a happier place. By providing fundamental skills concerning assertiveness, confidence and self-respect in a fun way, we aim to give young adults an awareness that will be with them for decision making throughout life whilst reducing crime and increasing crime prevention.

Female Rape Victims Under 16
Female Rape Victims Under 14
Female Rape Victims Under 9



We provide the following courses from Monday to Friday. For weekends and bank holidays please contact us first:
Clarity for young adults
We offer an interactive input for all year groups, from year 9 onwards to young adults at colleges and universities. Courses cater equally for boys and young men as well as girls and young women. We will ensure young people understand how the LAW applies to sexual relationships. A one-day course can cater for a whole year group, an input for the whole school during assembly, training for teaching staff and an engagement session available to parents at the end of the day.
Teaching staff and the wider community
Courses are appropriate for age range and cultural backgrounds. We are sensitive to pupils in the likelihood that at least one of them will have been already or will be affected by this issue. We can offer specialized inputs for individuals with SEN. We can offer support for mainstream teachers and those who specifically teach PSHE. We understand the importance of working in partnership with parents and the wider community, i.e. governors. We realise the requirement of inspection of how well schools care for and provide effective support for young adults and how schools work in partnership with parents.
Corporate Training
Recent media coverage on increasing sexual harassment, assaults and awareness regarding the issue of "consent" has demonstrated "clarity" is needed for EVERYONE. Clarity One UK offers training inputs to corporates in the private sector and assists reputable companies in maintaining their trusted reputation. Several private sector corporates have recently been brought into disrepute over such sexual allegations. At Clarity One UK we aim to be proactive rather than reactive to this increasing crime and its publicity.


  • I have been a serving Police Officer for just under 20 years and have been a Detective for 16 of those years. For the past 8 years I have been a Detective at the Dedicated Rape Unit and have dealt with serious sexual offenses, resulting in life imprisonment and lengthy prison sentences for a number of offenders.
  • I have vast experience in dealing with victims of crime and defendants along with other agencies, such as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), victim support, Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centres (RASASC) and other law enforcement agencies.
  • I have Chief Constables commendations for my work as a uniformed Police Officer and as a Detective.
  • I have a BA (Hons) combined degree where Drama was my second subject.
  • I have been a safeguarding Governor for the University Cathedral Free School.
Claire Salih BA (Hons)
Claire Salih BA (Hons)

Course Instructor


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